2012, International Nuclear Security Summit Started in Seoul

2012 International Nuclear Security Summit

Korea, March 26, 2012: The 2012, International Nuclear Security Summit started in here in at COEX Convention and Exhibition Center , Seoul, South Korea among 58 delegates from 53 nations and 4 international organizations (EU, UN, IAEA, and Interpol). The summit is schedule for 2 days with the theme of a shared vision towards a peaceful world free of nuclear terrorism.

2012 International Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea

During the summit high-level forum and discussions will be held on issues like global nuclear security, weapons-grade nuclear materials, concrete action plans against ratification of international agreements relating to nuclear security and its instruments .

Speaking at the program CNN quotes President Barack Obama as, “ The president warned North Korea Sunday that if it moves forward with a planned test-firing of a long-range missile, it will further deepen its isolation, damage relations with its neighbors and face additional sanctions that have already strangled the country. North Korea will achieve nothing by threats or provocations, North Korea knows its obligation.”

North Korea had recently announced the testing of a long range missile in preparation of the satellite launch where the US has warned North Korea in drawing its financial aid from North Korea.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said during the news conference that he considers the launch a direct violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution that bans the testing of the technology being used in the rocket-powered satellite.

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