Climate change innovative organization awarded in Nepal

climate change adaptation

The Minister for Population and Environment Jay Dev Joshi, handed over cash prize of 10,000 Pound to 15 organizations working for their innovative effort in the field of climate change adaptation at a formal gathering in Kathmandu.

The Adaptation at Scale Prize has been rewarded for innovative solutions to scale-up climate change adaptation in Nepal from the Ideas to Impact program funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by IMC Worldwide.

The name of the organization are

  1. Community Development and Advocacy Forum Nepal (CDAF Nepal), 
  2. Youth Acting for Change Nepal (YAC Nepal), 
  3. Manahari Development Institute Nepal (MDI Nepal), 
  4. Mutual Support Center, 
  5. National Disaster Risk Reduction Center (NDRRC), 
  6. Center for Rural Technology Nepal (CRT Nepal), 
  7. Ithaka Institute for Climate Financing, 
  8. Care Nepal, 
  9. Namsaling Community Development Center, 
  10. CEAPRED Nepal, 
  11. Machapuchare Development Organization, 
  12. Practical Action South Asia, 
  13. ANSAB Nepal, 
  14. Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO) and 
  15. Human Dev and Environment Concern Society Nepal 

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