IGF 2017 opens for Proposal


The Internet governance Forum (IGF) which is schedule to be  held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 18-21 December 2017 has open its call for proposal  from 31 March 2017. In a press statement release from the IGF Secretariat All stakeholders are invited to submit proposals to hold workshops at the forthcoming IGF.

This year the IGF has been Themed ‘Shape Your Digital Future!’, emphasizing both the IGF’s participatory mechanisms and a forward-looking approach to the Internet governance discussion. The sub-themes for the meeting will be determined in part by the workshop proposals received, with proposers writing in their own tags.Tags on new and emerging issues, such as ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Work in the Digital Age’, ‘Law Enforcement & Encryption’, etc., are particularly welcome. Pre-existing tags to choose from include but are not limited to, Internet of Things; Internet Economy; Policies Enabling Access; Cybersecurity; Human Rights Online; Gender Issues; and Digital Literacy; among many others.

All relevant information including the workshop proposal template [this is for proposers’ reference until the submission e-form is available], guidelines and tips for submitting proposals, can be found below. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 3 May 2017 23:59 UTC-11.

First-time workshop proposers are encouraged to read through this brief manual for FAQs, tips and links to all IGF workshop resources.

All workshop proposers and future workshop speakers should consider joining the ‘IGF 2017 Speaker-Session Collaboration Space’, a forum for exchanging ideas and seeking out new collaborators.

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