Impeachment case filed against Chief Justice Sushila Karki

Sushila Karki

An Impeachment case was filed against chief justice Sushila Karki for being  bias and interfering with executive powers. As soon as the Case was registered in the parliament she was suspend. The motion to impeach her was signed by 249 legislators from the NC and the CPN (Maoist ) in the parliaments and accused her of  breaching Article 75 of the constitution, which outlines the government’s executive powers.

She has been accused of standing  in between the appointment of Nepal Police’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) as Jaya Bahadur Chand where she had ruled out the  government’s decision  for the post against a petition filed by Nawaraj Silwal who claimed to have scored more point on the basis of seniority and work evaluation.  Later the Nepal Government appointed Prakash Aryal as the IGP showcasing work evaluation where further the complication of legitimacy raised.

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