Minister sacked for her Ignorance

Sarita Giri The sacked minister

Kathmandu March 24, 2012: The Minister for Labor and Transport Management, Sarita Giri has been sacked directly by the Prime Minister Baburam Bhattrai on the basis of lack of acknowledgement and redemption of the reform strategy initiated by his government.

To put an end to the tussle, the government had asked Sarita Giri to resign voluntarily where she refused to do so and failed to realize and accept the strategic planning in areas of the foreign employment act.  A national level strategic planning was devised and adopted in the foreign employment policy by the government in midst of making it more operational and effective.

Giri had been pressuring the Department of Foreign Employment in standardization of attestations in job demands from foreign countries on individual basis, which to some extent was right in countering the fraudulent case but the department have their own issue of operation and maintenance. Adopting the currently policy, the department stopped recognizing the attestation from the recognized agents which created complexity in operation and management. In this regards chances of agencies doing foul play or creating fake attestation of job demands were possible, Giri stood against and demanded ministry officials to recognize attestations from other agencies as well.

Likewise, in this tussle the prime minister had strictly given directives to the department of not issuing new license to manpower companies where Giri forced the department to registered 5 new companies. In her absence of negligence she also transferred the Director General and tried to handle the bureaucracy in her one willing way.

May be Giri stood for what she believed in but her rigidity and lack of understanding certainly made her being sacked. The question that has been raised with this controversy is why are the political leader of Nepal so narrow minded and desperate in doing what they believe is right? Why don’t they see what is right and wrong for the country and the people? The lack of understating and chaos created among the high level personnel certainly shows a practice of weak  political culture.

May be right or wrong her judgment is a question that lies hidden with the prime minister himself.

Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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