Nepal Investment Summit draws 13.52 billion investment for Nepal

Nepal Investment summit
The Nepal Investment Summit has  shown a foreign investment commitment of USD 13.52 billion from various stakeholders nations  in various sectors, including infrastructure, agriculture, energy, tourism, information technology, financial sector, mines and minerals,  tourism etc. During the two-day event held from march 3 to 4 witness more than 200 investors from 25 countries.

China has committed  to invest $8.3 billion followed by  Bangladesh with $2.4 billion,  Japan and the United Kingdom have committed $1 billion  each, while Sri Lankan and Indian investors have pledged to invest $500 million and $317 million, respectively.

The Ministry of Industry signed Letters of Intent with foreign investors for investment in various sectors  which is more than half of the country’s GDP structure of $22.49 billion. Likewise, the local domestic investors have pledged to invest only $11.5 million.

During the  summit, the investors highlighted various aspect of business opportunities and its strategic location.  They were more convinced and optimistic about the current situation and business environment of Nepal.

This is the second  investment summit that took place in the country, the  first held in 1990s saw a huge participation of more than one thousand domestic and foreign companies. The event was jointly organized by The Ministry of Industry, the Investment Board Nepal and the National Planning Commission.


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