New Kumari Announced in Kathmandu



Trishna Shakya, a 3 year old girl has been announced the new KUMARI  after her predecessor Matina Shakya retired. KUMARI is the Tradition of the Living goddess which has been practiced in Nepal in past few centuries.

To be very specific its a  Tradition or belief of  incarnation of goddess Taleju, the main goddess of the Malla kings, who ruled Nepal between 12th and 18th centuries. The tradition of KUMARI was set up by  Jayaprakash Malla.

A KUMARI is selected with specific date birth-chart, body shapes and marks from specific clan. The girl must have perfect eyes, teeth, must be free of scars. A KUMARI holds her position till the time she reaches puberty or she obtains any physical wound, mark or scratch.

The selection process lasts 21 days during which the candidates are put through rigorous tests, including spending a night among the head of ritually slaughtered goats and buffaloes.

There has been many issues which has been raised by feminist  regarding the human rights and other women rights issues with this tradition.



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