Prospect of Humanity

We Humans are social creature, we tends to live in a society of meaningful values  highlighting the aspect of different feeling and emotions. We highly cherish emotional values like love, care, sadness, happiness, compassion etc towards each others and our surrounding  but today in the 21st century people have forgotten their values and prospects. Though of life today is much easier  we lack to understand the roles and responsibilities towards our community and race. We have become self sustained and selfish in every aspect of making ourselves comfortable and easy that we fail to realize what is happening on the other side. In this long run of different values as well as views, things have changed and things will be changing but within such implication there are few people and their ideologies that marks or imprints you with what needs to happens.

I  met a certain person who despite of her lavished and comfortable life plunged action for what she believed to be HUMANITY. Humanity to help others who are in pain, humanity to search meaningful ways to provide relief to others.

It was the 3rd day of vijaya dashami, I went for tika to my relative’s house in Mehpie. Prior to us there were three people present out there, Ms. Vijaya Rana, her husband and a child. The scene was very abstract as we rarely knew each other and there was a vacuum of understanding to know who what and where. After a brief introduction, we started to talk and suddenly I noticed something about the boy  was not right. He looked normal but things were not right with him, his action way of talking represented an unknown pressure as if he was struggling to take his every move.  In fact the child looked like a 5-8 years old  kid but had problems in using his right hand and right leg so I inquired.  Then I came to know that the child was not hers, she had brought the child from Meghaulia, a remote village in Chitwan. I was shocked to know that the small child was suffering from  many  medical problems.

Since his family’s financial condition was not good, so they could not go for his treatment, they had left him to die in pain. Two months back when he was brought to Kathmandu he was diagnosed with stones in his kidney and gall bladder and was suffering from Mal Nutrition too. The fate of the boy was doomed in every aspect of what he was going through. Then as said life has its ways of giving just like that he was spotted there  in his village by Ms. Vijaya Rana. Rana who is a social worker and a successive Rotary member. She brought him in . After two months when he had a check up, he had gained 6 kgs and the stone sizes were also decreasing due to the medicinal care. This was a miracle which happened due to the love, care and support of Ms. Rana and the slow kid who could not even speak was transforming to become an energetic kid. The same who was left to die in pain by his family was now smiling and was as playful as any other 8 year old.

The aspect of doing something specially for  someone you know is not a question but to help someone unknown is the purest form of humanity. It’s said “To help people in need is to help god” I believe Ms.Rana works with that ideology. When asked about how she was managing the treatment of the kid she said, she had utilized the money that she had which people tend to waste in the name of fests, festivals, luxurious things etc. If all the people realize this and utilize their money in a proper way then surely more and more children can be benefited and can have a better life.

She was describing the true values of humanity which people of 21st century don’t have. In a poor country like ours where the economic condition is not good, action like these needs to be appreciated so that the coming generation can learn something from them.

Despite in today’s world where people have forgotten the meaning of Humanity, she was standing by an unknown kid who was about to die, giving him hope and support both financially and spiritually.  When asked why she was doing it  she said, “she is a Nepali and she was trying to help another Nepali with what she had without any selfish motive purely with the aim of helping .”

In a situation like this where people are killing people for money she has set up an example to showcase true values of HUMANITY. She portrays the thinking and action of someone very pure where  people can learn and admire her for her deeds. What if we all help others in need with in the possible of what can be done,  things can change and it can change for sure. We cannot make them feel 100% but at least they can feel relieved that they are not alone and stranded .

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