Vultures disappearing from Bardiya

Vulture of Ne


The population of the vulture is alarmingly reducing at the Bardiya national park. According to experts the bearded vulture, Egyptian vulture, white-rumped vulture, cinereous vulture, Himalayan griffon and red-headed vultures  faces extinction.  The major cause of the extinction is reasoned  shrinking habitation and the use of diclofenac on livestock is contributing towards the stark plunge in the number of vultures in Bardiya. As per a census held in 2006, only 1200 pairs of vultures were found in Nepal. At total of 64 districts have been declared diclofenac – free following which it is estimated that the vulture population has swelled to around 12,000.

Though there has been initiation like Jatayu Restaurant for the revival of the vulture but the use of diclofenac on livestock has seriously hit the extinction of the vultures in Nepal

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