Nepali Women’s Skin Sold in Black Market for Skin Augmentation

skin Trade Nepal

The  Thomson Reuters Foundation, reports that “Poor Nepalese women  are being trafficked and duped into selling their skin to be used for penis and breast enlargements in the global cosmetic surgery market which is backed by  an investigation by the Indian news website Youth Ki Awaaz (Voice of the Youth). The reports states  Nepali women were selling 20 square inches (130 square cm) of skin tissue from their backs for $150 to be used in plastic surgery.”

The report, by Indian journalist Soma Basu, said the Nepali women were trafficked to brothels in Indian cities such as Mumbai and then later duped into selling their skin. Some victims said they were drugged and their skin removed. The skin tissue  is sold onto pathology laboratories in India where it is processed and exported to companies in the United States which manufacture skin and tissue derivative products for the global plastic surgery market.

In most cases Nepalese women are lured into various foreign abroad  jobs by recruiters with high income and benefits.  The ones who are  trafficked illegally, they land up in  skin trade industry where they are exploited physically and then further mentally tortured  for labor and sexual exploitation. In recent cases organ transplant and specifically kidney transplantation has been widely reported, but cases of trafficking in human skin tissue has been a serious issues of concern. It comes at a point where Nepal current is struggling to balance with safe guarding the rights of women. In a country where there a woman is the President, a woman is the chairman the parliament and a woman is the chief justice why the women of Nepal are featured with such atrocities of human rights.


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