True Meaning of Dignity -CHILD LABOR Vs RIGHTS TO LIVE

On my daily schedule, I do a lot of crazy stuff, from photography to videography to writing to activism like such there have come times that have made me sit down and write something about a scene or people who have really influenced me. This was one of the most memorable day where I had learned something that everything is possible. The definition of the word IMPOSSIBLE was redefined to me as I’M POSSIBLE.   As said by a great scholars that Each and every moment where you learn  is more precious than to the time you waste without doing any thing, just like that to every word that you write is more important if there is a meaning, then without.

Getting back to the story, it was a hot summer day and the sun was up shining with its full aura and  Like every day I was getting late for my tuition, so I hurriedly I packed my bags with books and left home TOWARDS Freak Street. On my way, I suddenly HEARD a screaming pitched voice as if somebody was crying in intense pain.  My senses were  triggered and my enthusiasm was diverted towards  the epicenter. To  my curiosity I saw a boy in dirty cloths  holding a pile of Nepali newspapers.

At first I thought perhaps this kid was making noise to get attention for his sale  but then the boy continuously made the pitched noise and it really annoyed me. I got more curious to know why that boy was making such a horrific noise,  I went towards him and confronted him. For a second in my mind I thought may be this boy was trying to bluff hoax to people for money.

Subsequently a new man approached us, this gentle man was a regular customer of him, I asked him why he was making such an awful noise  to my shock, this gentle man briefed me the reason why this kid was making such a noise. I still remember the statement when he quoted this kid is dumb but he is very dignified, following hearing that for a second I was speechless though I did not misbehave  but I was ashamed for my thinking. For every thought and idea that I had came down, it was visible for me. At times we try to see through our perspectives of what we want to see and perceive, we ignore all other facts.

We  generally try to evaluate people by there outer persona or outer behavior which to some extent proves to be true but in exceptional cases like this, when your thinking proves to be false then your whole thinking is challenged to understand why?

In present context when  people try to use their physical deformity as means of earning , this boy was fighting against all odds to survive in search of his dignity. It seemed as if he was trying to prove something against  our  society that promised him his rights to a good life, education and nutrition. But getting down to reality there is nothing except pain and suffering where every day thousands of child worker are exploited in different parts of the country.

Our double standard   government denies legality against child labor and promises them better future but in reality it lacks to address any form of help to them, even on legal basis we have taken their rights to earn their lives where thousands are being exploited in the name of  legality.

In this situation, I thought as if he was trying to awake the society which had forgotten  these groups of people who were silent about what they were facing  in their daily lives. His high pitch voice had a symbolic meaning that searched its identity against the crowd and noise  that was lost in its own.

His meaningful representation was very sharp to the message he voiced. He was trying to fight against the situation of being handicap,  and poor, He was trying to fight against the odds of being a part of our society and he was trying to fight against the thinking of people like us who pity them but don’t give an appropriate respect or misjudge their dignity. We have to take the responsibility as we are part of the society and we have to make it right.

Today he stands firm with his pride to describe the true meaning of dignity, raising the question of his existence with each and every one of us?

In this age generally kids they don’t do any work, their life is full with comfort and fun and here is this boy who cannot speak and is trying to survive through hardship who has kept himself abstain from the whole wide world. And we cannot deny the fact that child labor still exist in our country creating huge opportunities for such detrimental factors to doom the future of thousand of kids by bypassing their basic child’s rights to read, write, and play. The government can secure the rights by making education compulsion and have their rights restored to earn there life.

But if their basic rights of education, food and health is not secured by the government then isn’t it right to have them work rather then to have Hippocratic rules and regulation that limit them. If not the government should come upfront and provide them with relieve.

At last I did not show any pity compassion toward him because if I would have done so then I would insulted him in his eyes, so I offered him a sales of his newspaper and shook his hands then he smiled with the passion of his dignity as if he was praised to move onward on this treacherous road of life with new spirit.

WAS I WRONG …………………………………………..?

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