Valentines day 2011

I love you is what I can say I have no more words


I love you, will you be there with me forever ………

I was just sitting and thinking about what was love all about? And why people cherished it so much. Then looking back and recalling my shadows, I could find myself abated to the feeling of being loved. Suddenly, I started being nostalgically and recalled the feeling of defining love. The slow rhythmic soft music and the swift blowing wind took me back to the memory lane where I was so proud and felt I was complete as if I had attained something or a power.  Then I was in love, hahahah might sound funny but i asked this question to my self am I in love ? when you are in love this is the first question that pops into your head. Things rolled in and time passed and I was back to normal, I mean love struck me and it left me alone,  you may ask how many times but that’s a secret……………..

Defining love was simple but the memories were like too complex, thinking instensively it started to engulf me giving and attacking me with short traumatic attacks of those days. Seriously, being in love feels good but most importantly being special in someone’s life felt even more important than anything else….

Can u imagine a woman falling in love and writing a letter with her own blood and you being the recipient  don’t now what to do? I mean  feel happy or sad ?

But personally I felt happy instead; oh it was just the feeling of being special. Yes, it happened with me and I thought maybe it’s the way people expressed which can’t be said wrong. It’s your own way of being yourself and expressing.

I can cross my heart and say your the one

Now let’s get back to the point of defining love ……..

Some say love is blind some say, love is a fast lane some say love is unconditional but I say how can love be blind when it can see, hear and feel. Love is not a fast lane as it helps to ease you, don’t mistake love for lust that’s where it adapts you in the delusion and you just enslave yourself to the weakness of physical needs………….

Yes Love is something unconditional, Love is sacrifice to believe, see and feel that your partner would be happy with or without you.  Love is appreciation of being who you are and fulfilling the lack-ness of the other. Love is a condition of loving others unconditionally being you-self regardless of who, what or how they are….?

Love is what I say is more than you, your presence, its soluble, its flexible and its forgiving. Its presence is abstract but its feeling is something that stays beyond what you see feel or desire……………………………
Love is what you have and understood …………………………

Happy Valentine’s Day………………..

When your there, I feel sustained

When your not there, I feel shallow

When you’re talking, I feel connected

When you’re silent, I feel low

When you speak, I search for words

When you smile, I feel blessed

When you’re angry, I feel stressed

When you’re happy, I feel prized

Why I feel alone in crowd?

Why I feel so different?

Why I don’t have words for you?

Why do I search for stars in the sky?

Why I think about you?

Why I feel this way?

Why I feel this way?

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